Unit Ventures

We are building and investing in projects, people and technology that will change the world.


We believe well-being of all is important, and are committed to creating opportunities and solving inequity in the world.

How can I use Unit?

Read and learn more, then go to one of our companies below to interact with the Unit technology.


Unit Network (UNIT)

Our global community, with top entrepreneurs, investors and leaders, to advise and support the UNIT companies and ecosystem.

Unit Conference (UNIT)

We regularly host live and online gatherings with talks, discussions and workshops, to share and exchange ideas.

Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 3 - Good health and well-being for people for all
Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth
Goal 10 - Reducing inequalities


Two-sided Marketplaces
Digital Assets/Tokens
Creating Meaningful Work
Cooperative Economy

Search & Chat - Intelligently Matching Providers and Customers

I'm a customer

1. Search

Find suitable provider

2. Message

Make an enquiry

3. Receive

Make payment and write a provider review


Customers easily find providers using reputation scores and intelligent recommendation engine

I'm a product or service provider

1. Apply

Fill up profile

2. Get Clients

Receive enquiries

3. Get Paid

Get paid and write a customer review


Providers focus on delivering product and service within an evolving community of consumers without worrying about marketing themselves

Team & Profile - Supporting working together

I'm interested in building an agency

1. Share link

You will find an invite link on your team page

2. Grow Team

Send link to friends to be part of your team, where you receive a % of their transactions

3. Send Clients

When clients message you, send the clients to product or service providers of your team


Shift from being a product or service providers to an entrepreneur

Wallet & Tokens - Appreciation of economic value

I'm interested in tokens

1. Search

Find suitable tokens

2. Receive

Buy or be rewarded in tokens

3. Exchange

Spend tokens for products, services, or use for specific actions such as voting


Customer and employees receive some of the value gained and have aligned incentives to the founders and investors

I'm interested in creating a token

1. Issue

Tokenise asset or project

2. Allocate

Distribute, sell, or send to stakeholders

3. Exchange

Receive tokens for products, services or specific uses such as voting


Increased value for projects and businesses as customers and employees are more aligned to the stakeholders of the investors and founders


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Middle East & Africa

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Zurich, Berlin, London, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Kiev, Munich, Lisbon, Geneva, Sofia, Vaduz, Vienna, Dublin, Porto, Manchester, Copenhagen, Budapest, Moscow, Oslo, Warsaw, Stockholm, Rome

North & South America

New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico City, Tulum, Austin, Denver, Vancouver, Toronto, Boston, Las Vegas, Portland, Chicago, Houston, Washington DC, Panama City, Belize City, San Jose, Buenos Aires, Rio, La Paz, Caracas, Medellin, Bogota, Lima


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